The Bakos Family started making wines on Csobánc Hill seven years ago. What means the biggest motivation to you?

The biggest motivation is the love of the land: the Csobánc Hill and our vineyards considered as a premium wine growing area. Furthermore, the possibility of building a family estate that can be inherited by future generations is also a plus motivation.
The Csobánc, the basalt mountains and the whole wine region are a real treasure. Because of its historical traditions and scientific foundations, together with the diligence and perseverance of the local people, this wine region will be successful in the future.

What is the best and hardest part of winemaking?

The best part is that the wine brings together excellent people. We were able to take part in very pleasant events, such as the 2019 New Wine Competition at the famous Anna Grand Hotel, where we got very good opinions about our wines from other winemakers and it is really important feedback for us! Perhaps the most difficult thing is that we need to dedicate more energy to achieve our goals, since we have other duties and we do not live on Csobánc Hill.

How do you imagine Bakos Winery in five years time?

Most importantly, we would like to be worthy of appreciation of the profession, winemakers and wine consumers. We would like to make wines that stand out from the crowd internationally.

Good luck and we look forward to the debut of the winery on Borjour Magnum!

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