The Welschriesling of Bakos Winery became a Balaton-Uplands National Park’s product

“We are proud that our 2018 Welschriesling won the trademark protection of the Balaton-Uplands National Park” – said Aranka Bakos, the owner of Bakos Winery in Csobánc.

The trademark of the Balaton-Uplands National Park Directorate can be worn by the typical local wines that are made in the operation area of the National Park Directorate and are produced in harmony with nature.

The aim of the trademark is to increase the consumption culture of locally produced wine, to help products enter the market, to preserve traditional crafts and activities, and to encourage farming and product production in harmony with nature.

The Welschriesling of Bakos Winery is an unadulterated local terroir wine that shows the volcanic minerality of Csobánc Hill. “Yellow flowers, chamomile, pollen, stony minerals and delicate herbal notes on the nose. Medium body with fresh acidity. Very easy to drink wine. Medium long finish with citrus, dried fruits and salty minerals…” – says the wine description.

Slightly more than 2,500 bottles were made of this premium quality terrior wine. Followed by the proper aging time in the cellar, the winery started selling the wine in the second year after harvest.

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