Bakos Winery

Bakos Winery

The 3.5-hectare estate of Bakos Winery can be found in the historical Badacsony wine region, in the area of Lake Balaton National Park on a 376-meter high, 3.42-million-year old, basalt volcano on the south-eastern slope of Csobánc Hill, halfway on the ”Blue hike” road leading up to Csobánc Castle ruin. The first class, 3.5-hectare area belongs to the Káptalantóti-Csobánc Wine community of the Badacsony Wine Region and it has excellent regional vines. The center of Bakos Winery is the cellar built in 1822 at 17 Csobánc Hill.

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Protected designation of origin, dry white wine

Auvergnas Gris | 2020.


Késői szüretelésű szürkebarát, oltalom alatt álló, védett eredetű, száraz, fehér bor

Friset | 2020.


Protected designation of origin, dry white wine

Badacsonyi Pinot Blanc | 2020.


Jubileumi kiadás



The Bakos family

What could be the foundation of a successful winery? We are enthusiastic of the land. Good vineyards, carefully cultivated vines and a dedicated, professionally trained team. The importance of the human factor that consciously shapes its environment arises even in the context of the much-mentioned terroir – a term that refers primarily to the geographical characteristics of the place where the grape is born.


Badacsony wine region

It belongs to one of our oldest, most famous, historical wine regions with a thousand-year old Hungarian, Celtic and Roman past.

The word Badacsony itself goes back to the distant past: our relatives, the Uigur people, who live in Western China, use the word “badacsony” for vine arbour.


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Our Wines

Our 3-hectare first-class south-eastern vineyard contains the most outstanding regional grape varieties: Welschriesling, planted in 1998, Pinot gris, planted in 2004, Furmint, planted in 2016 and Pinot Blanc, planted in 2017.



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Our events

At the Anna Grand Hotel, one of the most prestigious and oldest ballrooms in Europe, you will be able to taste the wines of Bakos Winery Csobánc again at the 2020 Borbála Daily Borbál Újbor must.