People behind the wines – Introducing the Bakos family estate in Csobánc

People behind the wines - Introducing the Bakos family estate in Csobánc

What could be the foundation of a successful winery?

We are enthusiastic of the land. Good vineyards, carefully cultivated vines and a dedicated, professionally trained team. The importance of the human factor that consciously shapes its environment arises even in the context of the much-mentioned terroir – a term that refers primarily to the geographical characteristics of the place where the grape is born.

The Bakos family from Kecskemét has a Jász root, their ancestors were farmers and winemakers, which is documented for hundreds of years.

October 2013 was a milestone for the wine and gastronomy lover Bakos couple, when they were impressed by the natural beauty of Csobánc Hill, which is located in the Badacsony wine region. At that moment Tibor and Aranka fell in love with the volcanic mountain and could not get rid of the thought that they had duties there.

As the couple operated successfully in a different profession at the other end of the country, that is why it took a lot of planning, work, sacrifice and logistical virtuosity to build up the Bakos Winery over the years.

Tibor’s duties are managing the constructions and plantation of the vineyards. The head of the family – as an expert of the special tastes and aromas of tobacco – also operates a Tobacco Pipe Club, where he occasionally introduces the beauties of pairing smoking pipe with digestive old wines.

As the soul of the winery, Aranka manages the daily operation and the marketing and sales activities. In her spare time, she creates fantastic foods in the kitchen, writes a recipe book, perfects wine-food pairings, and develops her gastronomy knowledge with her daughter on gastro study tours abroad. Recently they attended an authentic Mediterranean cuisine course in Italy.

Their children are also taking an increasing part in the life of the small estate that has grown to three and a half hectares in recent years. Barbara, as a pharmacist, enriches wine tasting events with her professional presentations on the positive physiological effects of white wines. Máté – who studies viticulture and winemaking at the Georgikon Faculty of Pannon University – holds wine tastings, organizes local wine tourism and ensures that more and more wine lovers are impressed by the beautiful landscape, the delicious Bakos wines and the charming old cellar built in 1822 located in 17 Csobánc Hill.


Our ancestors have always been farming on smaller or bigger farmlands since the 1700’s. Our grandfather was a winemaker.
We are proud of our always independent redemptionist “Jász” ancestors, who sacrificed their own wealth for the independence of the Jasz people by paying redemption to Queen Mary Theresa on 6th May, 1745. Our redemptionist ancestors, who were mentioned in a charter, were the Földházi and Mészáros families.



It is a Latin expression, which means: repurchase, compensation, self-salvation.

The word here refers to the 1745 Jasz-Cumanian redemption, when the Jasz and Cumanian people bought their privileges back, joining forces in an exemplary way. Queen Mary Theresa signed the charter of redemption for the Jasz and Cumenian people on 6th May, 1745.

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