Bakos Winery will make its debut at the Borjour Magnum in Budapest in front of the national public. If we could only taste one wine from the cellar sortiment at the event, which one would you recommend?

It would be clearly the Welschriesling, because it’s the most important grape variety in the Badacsony Wine Region. Despite its name, this variety has a real Hungarian spirit. In my opinion, the best Welschrieslings are produced in the Balaton Highlands. Our 2019 Welschriesling discreetly shows the scent of white flowers, has an elegant acidity and shows the unique, volcanic character in its flavor.

Why is Csobánc Hill a special place of wine growing?

The slopes of Csobánc are covered with Pannonian clay, Pannonian sand and in some places loess. This volcanic soil provides the good supply of microelements, which greatly contributes to the wine quality characteristic of this wine region. The climate is balanced, with a sub-Mediterranean character rich in sunlight. The basalt caps of the volcanic hills and the proximity of Lake Balaton ensure high must degree raw material even in the most difficult vintages and an opportunity for us to make full-bodied, fiery and rich wines.

What style of wines does Bakos Winery make?

We make “terroir” wines suitable for long maturation using a traditional process. At harvest time, our main objective is to process the grapes at optimal maturity. The must made from hand-harvested grapes with gentle processing and is settled in the fermentation tanks. After seven or eight months of aging the wine goes to the bottle for further aging. The mineral, salty terroir notes that characterize the Badacsony Wine Region are also present in the wines of Bakos Winery.


See you at Borjour Magnum!

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