Successful debut at Borjour Magnum


The first meeting with Bakos Winery was a positive surprise for the wine lovers. The estate from Csobánc Hill – which is now entering the market – showed something new to the audience and gained new fans with its quality wines at the big wine event called Borjour Magnum.

“We experienced Borjour Magnum as a well organized, professional event with a huge number of participants. As a new winery, we were very pleased about the huge interest from the audience. Most of the people tasted our Welschriesling – the most important variety around Lake Balaton -, which we consider as our flagship wine” – said Aranka Bakos, the owner of Bakos Winery.

The rock samples from Csobánc Hill was also very interesting for the guests, which provided an opportunity to discuss about volcanic soil and the rich mineral content of the wines.


“While the other members of the family welcomed our visitors, I had the opportunity to taste several wines from other wineries. I especially liked wines of smaller vineyards, whose methods are more simple and natural compared to the big companies.” said Tibor Bakos, the owner of the winery. “It was good to see so many wine lovers in one place and good to know that there are Hungarians who are not only into beer but also like wine. Most of the visitors tasted and commented on an expert level, they had experiences, so it was easy for them to describe their feelings. We are planning to present our wines next year as well.”

Focus on Pinot Blanc and Furmint

“Our two promising grape varieties, Pinot Blanc and Furmint, have specifically attracted the interest of wine lovers who are looking for something new. Their curiosity was even more by the fact that we showed the first, virgin vintage of our own Pinot Blanc and Furmint plantation at the event” – commented Máté Bakos, viticulture and winemaking university student. “I would like to also highlight our 2017 cuvée, because lots of people liked this Welschriesling-Pinot gris blended wine.”


Foreign experts

“French, American and Singaporean professionals also visited our exhibition stand and showed a sincere interest in our wines” – added Anna Kovács, Marketing & Sales assistant of the winery. “Their favorite wine was Pinot Blanc – which is also my personal favorite – and the Welschriesling mentioned above. I think Borjour was a very good opportunity for us to show our wines to both domestic and foreign wine professionals as well as the general public. We consider our participation a success and we are already planning the next one.”

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