In Hungary-although it was already mentioned in viticultural descriptions in the 1930’s –this grape-vine type belongs to the rare ones.It occurs at various habitats but has never become a leading type in any of the wine regions. They are grown in a roughly 160-hectare area. At Bakos Winery we planted Pinot Blanc vine in 2017 on Csobánc Hill, where it has a perfect habitat and it presents us with beautiful bunches. Its characteristics are similar to those of Grey Friar’s but it is less liable to rot.Its bunches are wide at the top, thick and its relative weight is quite big. The berries are small and when they are fully ripe, they are greenish-yellow.It has thin-skinned, acidic, juicy grapes. This vine likes deep, humid soils.The high lime content is beneficial for its aroma formation. In Hungarian wine regions its wine is not much different from other strains, produced in other habitats like Alsace. In more difficult vintages, it produces hard, intense acids and it shows excessive neutrality when its harvest restriction is inadequate. Whereas, with careful work and smaller yield, we can achieve a pleasantly fresh, elegantly acidic wine with fragrances and tastes of stone-fruits, such as walnut and nut. Source: Dr Gabriella Mészáros-Grape-vine types

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