We have come forward with a new type of event, which will have its full rehearsal in Kecskemét.

We had been thinking  about what to offer to the general public in addition to our Csobánc Hill wines, but when we tasted them together with the hand-made Italian oils of the Olive Gardens, we immediately knew that we did not have to think about it any longer……


During the wine-tasting evening Judith Kovács, oil sommelier expert showed us around the world of hand-made olive oils. And if it is summer, then it is time for grilling and barbecue, this is how the event of “OLIVE, WINE, BBQ” was born.

The first event will be exclusive and private but later on it will be open to the public both in Kecskemét and on the Csobánc Hill. We are going to inform our followers about the date in time.


Final programme and menu bar:



Introduction to the world of hand-made olive oils-Judith Kovács, Olive Gardens

Tasting Italian olive oils ( Pianella, Abruzzo)



Hand-made cheese selection (cow, sheep, goat)Mizse Cheese

Olives and caper on dried tomato and artichoke bed, with fresh, green spices


Hand-made-made bread from “King” wheat-Hungarian Family Supply


Main courses:

Grilled farm chicken (marinated in green spices, three-coloured pepper and hand-made olive oil)


Braised steak from farm grey cattle BBQ with brown sauce with rosemary, mustard of Dijon and nutmeg and fresh summer vegetables (the meat was marinated in garlic, black pepper, dried green spice mixture, hand-made olive oil and sunflower oil for a week)


Remulade sauce with green spices, garlic and leavened cucumber


Fresh summer salad



Brodarica milk-loaf with fig jam of the Bakos Winery-It is a Dalmatian cake, made from carob-bean flour and grated apples

The menu bar is accompanied with the regional wines of Bakos Winery. The members of the Bakos family, who have dreamt about this winery, will give an insight into the life of this place, which has been created in the past six years on the picturesque Csobánc Hill and they will introduce one of the most excellent habitats in our country through the wines.

We look forward to seeing the event!

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