Picnic on Csobánc Hill

Our Csobánc Picnic programme will give you an unforgettable experience on the 3.42-million-year old volcanic Csobánc Hill. The estate of Bakos Winery can be found in the area of the Upper Lake Balaton National Park, half-way to the Csobánc Hill, on the Blue Hike Route, thus a visit to the ruins of the castle can be an additional programme, which provides a full panoramic view of  the wonderful scenery of the Káli and the Tapolca basins.

Taste the hill!

You can enjoy the beautiful view with the help of a picnic package prepared in advance, which includes the protected designation of origin, basalty wines of Bakos Winery and a platter with home-made snacks and soft blankets and cushions will provide comfort.

The picnic packages are compiled after prior arrangement and claim.

A Vintage Picnic package is available in an authentic picnic basket with cutlery, wine glasses, fine textile tablecloth and napkins.

Price of Picnic Package: 15,000 HUF/ person

Price of Vintage Picnic Package: 20,000 HUF/  person

Prices include 2 bottles  of wine and the snack platter plus the availability of the necessary utensils.

A certain amount of deposit should be paid for the use of the utensils, which will be given back upon return.

The platters are put together after prior arrangement by local producers in sealed packages only in a take-away form.

You can get information and apply at:

Máté Bakos


[email protected]

Appointment is required!

Picnic on Csobánc Hill

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