Our ancestors have always been farming on smaller or bigger farmlands since the 1700’s. Our grandfather was a winemaker.
We are proud of our always independent redemptionist “Jász” ancestors, who sacrificed their own wealth for the independence of the Jasz people by paying redemption to Queen Mary Theresa on 6th May, 1745. Our redemptionist ancestors, who were mentioned in a charter, were the Földházi and Mészáros families.


It is a Latin expression, which means: repurchase, compensation, self-salvation.

The word here refers to the 1745 Jasz-Cumanian redemption, when the Jasz and Cumanian people bought their privileges back, joining forces in an exemplary way. Queen Mary Theresa signed the charter of redemption for the Jasz and Cumenian people on 6th May, 1745.