Our estate can be found on Csobánc Hill, in the area of Lake Balaton National Park.The area of former cold volcanos had already been inhabited by the Celts and later on by the Romans, who had significant viniculture. After the Hungarian Conquest, the Kál clan settled down in the area.In the 1300’s the Veszprém Bishopric established extensive vine estates, which later belonged to the Eszterházy family.In the 19th century a phylloxera epidemic destroyed the whole area, therefore the owners domesticated new vine types during the replanting


Tracing back to the 1700’s, our family’s ancestors were always farmers and landowners either on a small or on a bigger estate. Our grandfather was a winemaker.


Our oldest Welschriesling grapes was planted on our estate then.

Pinot gris


Our Pinot gris vines were planted then.

Estate foundation


In the October of 2013 we bought our first area, which was a mixed plantation vineyard with a ruined house, a plough-land and a field. Later we bought another four smaller areas, planted wih Pinot gris, Welschriesling and Grüner Veltliner.

We expand further


We purchased a new area which was planted with Welschriesling, a place with an arched cellar built in 1822 at 17 Csobánc Hill, which has become the center of our winery.

Planting our Furmint


This grape variety has always had a great tradition and history around Lake Balaton and it was mentioned as “Szigeti” in this region.The “Szigeti” name derives from the word “Szigliget”. The Furmint arrived to Szigliget (to the “Szigeti “ Hill) from Tokaj Wine Region and it has spread under the name of “Szigeti”. For communities around Lake Balaton, the brand has obtained Szigliget as a place of origin.

Another pinot type


The plantation of our Pinot Blanc, which is white member of the pinot grape family. Its closest relatives are Pinot noir and Pinot gris (Szürkebarát). Its German and Hungarian names “Weissburgunder” or “Fehérburgundi” refer to its origin. In our experience this grape variety feels great and prospers on Csobánc Hill.

Wine style


We produce traditional, protected designation of origin, hand-crafted terroir wines which are suitable for long aging.


Our basalt, neutral wines are made from carefully selected, fully ripened, hand harvested, 100% varietal grapes, which are processed with care immediately on the vintage day. The low intervention must are fermented in steel tanks. After 6-8 months of aging we bottle the wine locally by hand.

The wines are aged in bottles for another 1.5 – 2 years in our cellars in Csobánc Hill, then – after hand-labeling and encapsulating – the wines go to the wine lovers’ glasses. Our wines show the typical characters of the Badacsony Wine Region like salty, mineral, almond and floral notes. These elegant and noble authentic terroir wines genuinely bear the taste of Csobác Hill.

Entering the market


It is time to introduce our wines from Csobác Hill to winelovers


The soil is basalt and basaltic tuff, Pannonian clay, Pannonian sand and at places loess. The mineral character of the soil is determined by basalt, which plays a significant role in the development of wine quality. Potassium, magnesium and calcium released from volcanic rock contribute to the formation of the specific mineral quality of our wine and the high concentration of minerals causes the salty taste of our wines.


The sub-Mediterranean micro-climate of the wine-region is due to its favourable geographical location: perfectly angled sunny slopes, which defend it from the northern winds. The climate through the year is well-balanced: summers are warm and sunny, winters are mild. Its climate is favourably influenced by the water surface of Lake Balaton, which causes double radiation because of the excess sunshine reflected from its water surface.


Our 3-hectare first-class south-eastern vineyard contains the most outstanding regional grape varieties: Welschriesling, planted in 1998, Pinot gris, planted in 2004, Furmint, planted in 2016 and Pinot Blanc, planted in 2017.


Bakos Winery can be found in the historical Badacsony wine region, on the south-eastern slope of Csobánc Hill, a 376-meter high basalt volcano, halfway on the ”Blue hike” road leading up to Csobánc Castle ruin. The first class, 3.5-hectare area belongs to the Káptalantóti-Csobánc Wine community of the Badacsony Wine Region and it has excellent regional vines. The center of Bakos Winery is the arched cellar built in 1822 at 17 Csobánc Hill. Our aging cellar can be found on our Welschriesling plantation.