Tobacco Pipe Club

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Tobbaci Pipe Club

The Tobacco Pipe Club was founded on 26th July, 2019 in the evening of the Wine, Olive and BBQ Wine-dinner of the Bakos Winery Csobánc in Kecskemét with the presidency of Tibor Bakos and with the leadership of Szabolcs Urbán secretary.

The purpose of the club is to introduce you to the culture and old tradition of smoking a pipe, as a form of social life and get an insight into this mystic world of men.

At their meetings club members can share their old and new experiences, try out new products, decide about new applicants and they help new members acquire the basis. These meetings are organized in harmony with the successful wine dinners of Bakos Winery Csobánc, so they combine wine tasting, culinary experiences with the traditions of smoking a pipe and members pass their time peacefully after a fine dinner.

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